John and Laura’s wedding was in their backyard at their home in Perris, California. With the help of their “sponsors,” they were able to create something beautiful! When we talk about “sponsors” for a wedding, we mean friends or family member who donate money to cover wedding necessities. This can include any number of things – wedding cake, DJ, catering, etc. These friends or family … Continue reading Sponsors


One of the oldest wedding traditions is throwing rice at a newly married couple. No one does this anymore for multiple safety reasons, but when it was allowed, there was more to it than seeing how many grains of rice you could get stuck in the brides hair. The significance of this tradition was thought to bring the newlyweds a fruitful, wealthy and prosperous union. … Continue reading Getaway

Thank You

Proper wedding etiquette says that a bride and groom should give a gift to those who have helped them, supported them, and celebrated with them on the journey leading up to their wedding day.  With wedding costs increasing each year, some couples may find it difficult to fit “gifts” into their budget. Now, I’m not here to tell you to go and spend stupid amounts of money on … Continue reading Thank You