The Rise Project | Southern California Event Planner

December 2016 – The Rise Project had it’s first ever event and it was AMAZING!


What is the rise project? To put it plainly, it is a community of women who uplift and encourage each other to see the beauty within. These 30 strangers all came together and started what will continue to be a community of strong, confident women who can do ANYTHING.

Our event consisted of three parts:

1. The Workshop

We were joined by an amazingly talented woman, PEACE, who speaks to encourage women wherever her journey takes her. She had each woman take some time to acknowledge her own, unique beauty. To admit her faults. But more importantly, to know she is loved and worth it anyway. As a woman myself, I have a hard time taking time for ME. With my son, my fiance, our dog, my business… There just never seems to be enough tie to sit back and love myself. Not to mention the labels that society gives us, and expects us to uphold. We are our own person, and we deserve nothing short of the best. We can’t wait to work with PEACE again!!

2. The Makeover

In addition to an uplifting workshop, each woman was given the chance to have their makeup professionally done! Every woman deserves a little pampering, and boy did these ladies LOVE it. After their makeovers, each woman was taken by a professional photographer to be photographed. It’s not very often that we as women get a chance to get all dolled up and have our photo taken. When looking over the images of each individual woman, I couldn’t help but feel so emotional – each and every one of them was radiating with joy and a new found sense of confidence.

3. The Panel


Among the women who were guests at our event were a handful of ladies who are established “boss babes” in our community. From motivational speakers to psychologists, these women braved the crowd and sat in front of our group to answer questions and give their testimonies. It was empowering!! To see these women all afternoon, and then to learn their stories or to hear of how they’ve overcome the hurdles that we as women face… We all felt a little humbled.

None of this would have been possible without these strong women here. We are all a group of entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in our community where no one else has. We want women to find comfort in knowing that they are not alone, and that they have a sisterhood behind them, cheering them on in all of their endeavors, picking them up when they fall short, encouraging them to keep trying, harder than they did before. It is so important to find your tribe and grow in success together. I am so glad I have found mine!


To be a part of the craziness next time around, follow us:


FB: The Rise Project 16

Our next event – Fall 2017

A HUGE thank you to all of the sponsors who made this event possible:

The Orange Space

Mane Salon

Janey Pakpahan Photography

Willow Tree Weddings

Augie’s Coffee Company

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