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“Someday I hope to celebrate the most important day of your life
in the worst dress I have ever worn.” -Bridesmaids

Now, I have never seen first hand the dreaded bridesmaid dress from hell. I have considered many times what my bridesmaids will be wearing on MY special day… But this post isn’t about the dresses AT ALL! It’s about the importance of a bridesmaid and why a bride decides to choose her to participate in one of the most important days in her life.

I’ve asked some of my past brides to share their stories:


Kristen shared, “I was so happy with my decision and I could not have asked for better bridesmaids. From the beautiful bridal shower they threw, to the cup of my favorite Starbucks drink with the name “Bride” scribbled on the side that they gave me on the morning of the wedding, to the prayer they all laid hands on me for before I walked down the aisle. They were all such beautiful women and even now, I know I chose the right ones. They are the ones I continue to keep in touch with the most. The ones who check in with me to see how I’m doing and vice versa. The ones who send me messages to say something random reminded them of me. The ones who I always make time for when I visit home.

The women I asked to be my bridesmaids essentially are my “home” and it was one of the easiest decisions of the whole wedding.”

Photo by: Josh Elliott Studios


Brittnee says, “Choosing bridesmaids was one of the hardest decisions of the wedding. It was so hard for me to decide and narrow down the choices. I knew that there were a lot of emotions behind not being chosen, and it felt as if the girls weren’t wanted or important if they weren’t chosen. I don’t have any sisters and a big deciding factor was who I considered to BE my sisters. These were girls that were around when I met Nick, girls that were around since birth, and as cliche as it sounds, they were girls that I could count on having my back no matter what.  I definitely  needed that with all of my anxiety on the big day :). I decided to choose 5 of my bridesmaids because they were family.  My other three were my great friends from college,  and the first people I met when I moved to Orange County.  Although our lives constantly went through change, we always made an effort to stay friends.  Which isn’t easy with different careers and life changes.  My maid of honor Krista was an easy choice.  We had a pact since we were little girls – that we would live together and share cats since we knew for sure that we were never getting married.  Well as it turned out we both got engaged, so our pact changed. We decided that we would have each other as a maid of honor. I don’t think there is one right way of choosing someone to be in your wedding, but just be sure they are kind enough to hold your dress when you need a bathroom break.”

Photo by: Lauren Scotti

The Mountjoys-0012.jpg

I loved watching Taylor’s bridesmaids help her get dressed. She shared such a beautiful relationship with each individual. Here’s how she decided to pick them for her special day, “Choosing who I wanted to stand next to me on my wedding day was no easy task; except for my handsome groom, of course. I am especially blessed in the friend department, which, oddly enough, made the decision very difficult. I was concerned with the inevitability of hurting the feelings of those I love, as I am an includer at my core. I asked myself the question, “Who has been there for you?”, and I knew. I saw the faces of those who had been there through the joys and sorrows, and those who were committed to living life alongside us as a couple for the long haul.”

Photo by: Brett & Tori Photographers


Lesly and her girls were a BLAST to spend time with! Here’s what her thought process was in choosing her squad, “Choosing our bridal party was definitely a hard, emotional decision! Especially having been together for 10 years, Jimmy and I  have a huge network of friends who’ve been there in every stage of our growth as a couple. If I could have had more, I would’ve! But ultimately I was happy with the smaller party. I had to seriously evaluate relationships (eek!) and of course keep in mind that asking someone to be part of our day is also going to place some financial, emotional time and effort on their part! I thought about what each of them were doing in their lives, their availability, strengths of our relationship, and…also considered how their personality will work with each other. (NO DRAMA!) But most importantly, it’s really being honest about what the ‘bridesmaid’ role looks like, yours and their expectations, and really entering into open, ongoing convo through the choosing and planning process. You are choosing them, but they also need to choose you 😂😂 and that’s okay!”

Photo by: Laarne

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