Let Fate Decide | Southern California Wedding Planner

About a year and a half ago I was in the market for a new vehicle. I was looking for something that could accommodate my little family (my son, Kane and our Akita, Chief), while still being practical with my job (I am constantly carting around vases, crates, wedding decor and flowers to and from weddings). I got an email from Arrowhead Credit Union that Enterprise was having a huge Mother’s Day sale, and I was there!

When I arrived, a young woman (who was as pregnant as could be) greeted me with the hugest smile! She began asking me questions to figure out what I was looking for. I shared with her my criteria, and we began looking through some of the crossover/SUV styles. When I mentioned to Shy  that I was needing a car to haul my wedding “junk” around, her eyes lit up. She just so happened to be engaged, and potentially in the market for a wedding planner. After lots of thought and consideration, I ended up buying the car! Whether that helped in Shy’s decision to hire me as her planner or not, I am so pleased with how our journey unfolded.


Who would have ever guessed that the woman I met at Enterprise a little over a year ago was going to be one of the bride’s who would need me to cart around vases and candles in the very car she found for me to do just that. It’s beautiful how stories intertwine, and fate brings to us what we need. I can’t wait to see more images from this gorgeous wedding.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Thomas!

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Check out some of the other amazing vendors involved in this wedding:

Venue – Sierra La Verne Golf Club

Cinematography – Jason Allin Photography

Flowers – Here Come the Blooms

Hair & Makeup – Brittany Heim Artistry

Wedding Planning & Coordinating – Willow Tree Weddings

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