Sand Dunes Elopement | Southern California Wedding Planner

elope:  to run away with a lover, especially with the intention of getting married


When I used to think “elopement,” I tended to think of a rebellious act. Running away with your forbidden lover, despite the wishes of your families. Well, with the average cost of today’s weddings rising, elopements are becoming more and more popular. Not because we are all living on the edge and doing what we want. Trust me, we as a society do what we want. Elopements are currently trending simply because the hype of a grand celebration can seem extremely overwhelming for a Mr. and Mrs. to-be.

When I sit down with couples initially, we go over ALL that is involved when planning a wedding. From choosing your venue, to hand selecting your team of vendors, to deciding who is going to sit with who at the dinner tables. Sometimes couples look at me like I am speaking Chinese! Don’t get me wrong – some brides LOVE to plan their weddings. They live for that moment. But other brides have a different opinion about the act of marriage and what it should be.

So, when considering the idea of foregoing the gran fiesta, you have to look at your options. Drive-through chapel in Vegas? Thank you, thank you very much. (See what I did there?) Courthouse wedding? Sure. Intimate, outdoor elopement? Winner!


Cut the costs. Cut the guests. Embrace the moment. Embrace the intimacy.

An elopement is simply the act of marrying the one you love. No pressure, no expectations to uphold, no outside opinions or distractions.  Just you and your lover, committing your lives to each other.


Needing a photographer to capture your elopement? Janey is your girl!

Check out some of the other amazing vendors involved in this elopement:

Dress – Beloved Couture Bridal

Hair & Makeup – Brittany Heim Artistry

Flowers & Design – Willow Tree Weddings

Calligraphy – Goodheart Design

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