The Meiners | Backyard Wedding, Redlands | Southern California Wedding Planner


“Music does bring people together. It allows us to experience the same emotions…”

-John Denver

To say that music brought these two together is probably an understatement. Kate and Austin have had the music in them since a young age. So it was only fitting for them to incorporate music into their wedding day.

One of the sweetest moments of the entire day was their first dance. This is always one of my favorite moments. It is truly the first REAL time that the couple can be them; newly married, and completely captivated. Sure, they get their first kiss during the ceremony. But once the ceremony is over, they’re whisked away to take photos, photos and more photos. All the smiling and posing can sometimes feel overwhelming. But this moment, when husband and wife “decompress” and enjoy their first dance as Mr. and Mrs… Priceless.


Something that Kate and Austin added to their wedding was a fun dance lesson during the cocktail hour. They invited the owners of Arthur Murray, Redlands to come in and teach their guests a few moves that they would later be able to use while the 16 piece big band performed. This was a great way to get the guests engaged and loosened up for a night full of dancing.

And let’s not forget – no party is complete without the proper amount of sweets! This gorgeous 2 tier cake was provided by Michelle’s Bakery. With the help of some fresh flowers provided by Wildflowers, who also did all of the floral arrangements for the bridal party and the reception, this cake was a stunning  centerpiece for the gorgeous dessert spread.


Last but not least, our FAVORITE (I have too many favorites from this wedding) element of the whole evening was this stunning canopy tent. It added such an elegant flare and completely dressed up the backyard. Yes folks… This wedding was in the bride’s family’s backyard!! It provided just the right amount of shade during the day, and lit up so gorgeously in the evening. Seriously? So dreamy.


Overall, Kate and Austin were a joy to work with. Both being teachers, they were SO organized and involved (as was Kate’s mom!!) and made the day a blast for the Willow Tree team. I’d say they thought it was a perfect day too…

Life is an song, Love is the music”

Photo Credit: Coco McKown Photography

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