Loft 84 | Downtown Riverside Wedding Venue

When I met James and Lesly a year ago, I fell in love with their story. Not only did I enjoy watching them grow more and more excited leading up to their wedding day, I felt as though I was able to experience the joy of their union first hand – like I had been with them from the beginning. They left a beautiful imprint on my heart, and gave me hope that true love, genuine love, REAL love does in fact still exist.

Loft 84 is hands down one of the most gorgeous wedding venues I have worked at. The bridal penthouse suite, the ballroom, the groom’s room… All so dreamy!

When the three of us sat down to discuss the wedding design, they were VERY sure they wanted a circle ceremony. This was the first time I had ever witnessed one, and I would suggest it to anyone who’s wedding venue can accommodate the layout!


This layout allows for you and your loved one to be fully surrounded by the friends and family you have chosen to witness one of the happiest days of your lives. It was so intimate, and the platform allowed for them to be seen by the each and every guest.

The details of this wedding were some of my favorite. The hues of deep green and the touches of gold added a heightened level of elegance to this already stunning venue.


I haven’t had very many couples like James and Lesly. These two have become very dear friends of mine. Our journey together reminded me of WHY I do what I do. The smiles on their faces, the appreciation of their parents and close friends, and the FUN that we had in the process. Thank you guys, for making me fall in love with my craft even more.

Photos by: Laarne


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