Love is Sweet

We all know the infamous scripture read at weddings: “Love is patient, love is kind…” But we forget to think about is how SWEET love actually is. And when I talk about sweet, I literally mean SWEET!

I find myself the happiest when my sweet tooth is satisfied. Don’t you? I see it at weddings all the time. Guests drooling over the dessert bar display, waiting for a chance to sneak a cupcake while no one is watching. At Kristen and Daniel’s wedding last November, I battled with one of the uncles ALL NIGHT… “No cupcakes until AFTER they cut the cake!”



For the Mr. and Mrs., providing a dessert bar for their guests was more than just giving them sweets to munch on. A lot of genuine thought went into the dessert menu. Kristen chose not only sweet, but savory cupcakes for her guests to enjoy. (Yes folks, that IS bacon on a cupcake.) But for the guests who might not be interested in a cupcake, let alone a cupcake with honey drizzled bacon bits, she ordered mini pies! These bite size tastes of heaven were a fantastic idea for a grab’n’go type dessert bar.



At so many weddings I have seen brides, over and over again, order WAY too many sweet treats. It’s such a shame to make the coordinator take home a full dozen cupcakes. (I like sweets, but not THAT much!) So when planning a dessert bar, I advise my brides to take into consideration these few tips:

1- Have a nice variety. People are picky. It’s awful! So when planning any kind of menu, you need to think about who your guest list includes, and what they might enjoy.

2- What do YOU want to eat? Make sure you include a flavor YOU love. It’s YOUR wedding day for goodness sake.

3- Most importantly, DON’T OVER ORDER! Variety gives your guests options. Delicious options, that you have thought long and hard about. That being said, order enough for your guests to enjoy maybe one large cupcake or a few bite sized goodies.

Just remember folks, love IS sweet. And in MY opinion? Anyone who sets out a dessert bar for me to enjoy is as sweet as they come.



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