John and Laura’s wedding was in their backyard at their home in Perris, California. With the help of their “sponsors,” they were able to create something beautiful!

When we talk about “sponsors” for a wedding, we mean friends or family member who donate money to cover wedding necessities. This can include any number of things – wedding cake, DJ, catering, etc. These friends or family members will donate something to the couple en lieu of giving a wedding gift.

Not every couple is able to get sponsors, and there is no proper way to ask someone to sponsor you and your fiance. So my advice is to listen closely when friends and family offer their help. Rather than donating their time, you can have them help by contributing to any number of things. Some sponsors help pay for the rental fee at the church. Others can help with small items like purchasing a unity candle or covering the cost of a guest book. In my experience, when planning a wedding ANYTHING helps. Today, with the average cost of a wedding being around 25K, it’s no wonder why sponsors are so much appreciated.

All of this being said, take a peek at Laura and John’s backyard wedding. A beautiful wedding can happen ANYWHERE with the right game plan. Even in your own backyard!

Like what you see? Check out my friends at Johnny Jacques Photography HERE. They’ve got you covered.

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