One of the oldest wedding traditions is throwing rice at a newly married couple. No one does this anymore for multiple safety reasons, but when it was allowed, there was more to it than seeing how many grains of rice you could get stuck in the brides hair. The significance of this tradition was thought to bring the newlyweds a fruitful, wealthy and prosperous union. The grain that was thrown signified the small seed that could produce an immense crop; wishing them an abundant harvest. Others believed that fertility was transferred through the fallen seed, and the couple would conceive many children to help with their land.

The tradition as of late is – there is NO tradition! Trends change, restrictions are made, and so many people come up with unique and inventive ways to be sent off on their wedding day. I personally have seen a number of things done; sparklers have been more popular over the last year or so, but the brides who don’t want to conform (for a lack of better words) have had things like sprinkles tossed, glow sticks whirled, fresh lavender sprinkled, a human tunnel… The list goes on.

One of my favorite getaways was Kristen and Daniel’s. They rented an old fashioned Buick as their ride away from the wedding festivities! It was classy, immaculate and the driver welcomed them with champagne and chocolates. Don’t believe it was stunning? Take a look at the photos yourself!

“So come, take me by the hand,
We’ll leave this troubled land
I know we can getaway…”

-Earth Wind and Fire


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