Thank You

Proper wedding etiquette says that a bride and groom should give a gift to those who have helped them, supported them, and celebrated with them on the journey leading up to their wedding day.  With wedding costs increasing each year, some couples may find it difficult to fit “gifts” into their budget. Now, I’m not here to tell you to go and spend stupid amounts of money on each person involved in the planning process. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be any money for the actual wedding! I’m simply asking for you to take a moment to think about how you will show that person you appreciate them.

I love giving (and receiving) something that holds special meaning. Personalizing something –  a locket for a friendship bracelet,  a necklace to be worn on the wedding day, cuff links – offers a more intimate “thank you.”


By the same token, I love when someone takes the time to write me a thank you note.  Thank you notes are STILL the most genuine way to show someone your appreciation. To this day, no matter what gift she was given, my grandmother (at 82 years young) will write a “thank you” note. In that note, she will tell you how much she loved whatever it was you gave her or did for her, tell you why, and tell you how much you mean to her. It doesn’t take much, but sometimes words expressing gratitude are the best gift ever received.

“Never lose a chance of saying a kind word”

-William Thackeray

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