What’s in a Name?

Two years ago, when I was toying with the idea of starting my own business, I asked myself over and over again, “how do people come up with these names?” Sometimes, people will use their own name. Others may choose a name that directly relates to their line of business. But more often than not, one will choose something that has a specific meaning to them. So I threw on my thinking tiara and went to work.

Growing up, my grandparents had an enormous weeping willow out in front of their home. It was solid. It was glorious. It was beautiful. It made a statement. It stood tall, with the branches cascading down to the ground, swaying in the breeze, whispering in the wind. I mean, I could get all Maya Angelou on you, but I’m sure you get the picture.  The point is – this tree gave me a sense of warmth and well-being. It was special. It meant a great deal to me and to this very day, I can still picture it in my mind.

When I imagine my couples looking back on their wedding day, I want them to feel the same way I do about my grandparent’s tree. I want them to have nothing but stupefying memories. I want them to remember the joy they felt seeing each other for the first time, the bliss hearing the other say “I do,” the elation when they shared their first kiss as husband and wife. I want it to be meaningful.

That being said, Willow Tree Weddings promises nothing less than a perfect wedding day. And perfect days make for even more perfect memories. Happy planning!







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